Omar Kamali, 1982-2008The Omar Kamali Medical Center, Jalalabad Afghanistan

We would like to introduce you to a most worthy project: The Omar Kamali Medical Center, Jalalabad Afghanistan.

The leader of this exceptional Afghan-driven endeavor is Dr. Aziz Kamali, who was born and raised in that region of Afghanistan with his brothers and sisters — some of whom still live and work there. Dr. Kamali says: "I dedicate Omar Kamali Medical Center, Jalalabad Afghanistan to my son, Omar Kamali, a fourth-year medical student who died unexpectedly." Omar Kamali was born in 1982 and died in 2008.

Though Dr. Kamali has asked a few Americans to assist with this project, it is an “Afghanistan First” effort.

What is “Afghanistan First”?

“Afghanistan First” is the concept of enhancing the standard of living for all Afghans, regardless of tribe, language, political affiliation or economic status. The “Afghanistan First” ideal seeks improvements in the lives of every Afghan citizen.

“Afghanistan First” means the needs of Afghan citizens are first and foremost. It also means Afghans will decide what is best for them and their nation. Participants from other nations are there to assist Afghans with the development and improvement of their country, as guides and trainers in the best practices for the given project. We will respect the culture, heritage and belief systems of Afghanistan at all times.

Our plan

AHERO, Afghanistan’s Health Education and Relief Organization, has established a 30-bed hospital in Jalalabad and will medical services until we open the Medical Center.

The Omar Kamali Medical Center, Jalalabad Afghanistan has been established and will operate as a nonprofit organization in Afghanistan. It will comply with the nonprofit laws of Afghanistan, the United States and any other countries that will assist us in this endeavor.

We will adhere to the tightest financial and asset controls in the development and operation of the Medical Center and its clinics. The Medical Center will have a board of directors, whose members will carry out their duties to the highest standards possible; directors will be replaced if they become involved with conflicts of interest, illegal activities, or initiating or accepting bribes or rewards for their real or perceived efforts.

Our goal

We are not affiliated with any political party, religious or tribal organization, or military or paramilitary association within Afghanistan or any other nation. We have only one collective interest: establishing and operating a medical and humanitarian nonprofit organization that will serve the needs of Afghanistan and its people.

Fulfillment of this vision has become a passion for Dr. Kamali, who invites caring colleagues and other community members to participate. “I feel blessed by the support this concept already has generated,” Dr. Kamali said. “I am deeply touched by the compassion of others for the people of Afghanistan, and I wholeheartedly invite widespread participation in this project to serve people in need from my homeland.”